He Was Sent To The Shelter Just One Look At His Future Father Was Enough And Made Him Faill In Love With Him

Arlo The cat was transferred to Cats Protection’s Bridgend Adoption Center in South Wales, where he was given a second chance at life. He was born with a number of congenital defects. Despite this, the striped one really desired to be loved and went to great lengths to do so…

“Arlo is the loveliest and has enchanted all of our employees,” says Sue Dobbs, the shelter’s director.

“He may look different from other cats, but he is full of love, fun, and playfulness to the people around him.”

The cat’s head is distorted because he has hydrocephalus (brain dropsy).

The striped was confirmed to be healthy after a full veterinary examination. The staff hoped he would find the perfect home for him, one that would meet all of his needs and provide him with the best possible quality of life.

“A nice cat like Arlo deserves to be happy and surrounded by people who adore him.”

Davy, a social worker for disabled children, was considering bringing a feline friend into his home around this time.

“I live alone in a country house, which is great for an aging cat in my opinion.” “However, my friends began sending me Cats Protection posts about this special needs tiny kitten,” Davy says.

They felt that I should at least visit him. I went to see and saw Arlo.”

Davy arranged a meeting at the shelter with Arlo, who was barely a year old. In the presence of a stranger, the cat was at first a little shy and nervous, but, having got to know Davy better, he quickly settled down to him.

Credit: imgur/alanzgweb

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