For Days A Cat That Had Lost Both Owners Was Unable To Eat

Samara the cat has already fallen in love and lost — not once, but twice.

Her life was turned upside down for the first time when her loving owner died and her family abandoned her in a crowded shelter in Michigan.

“Not many rescues go to this shelter, so they have a very high kill rate,” Sasha Oza, executive director of Michigan Cat Rescue, told The Dodo. “But Nancy [Hutchinson], who is the president [of Michigan Cat Rescue], will go there when she can and pull cats from there.”

On one serendipitous visit, Hutchinson’s eyes fell on Samara.

“She was just eight months old at the time, and she was supposed to be euthanized,” Oza said. “So we grabbed her and dragged her to safety.”

Samara didn’t have to look long for a new home – and a good one at that.

Oza explained, “She was adopted by a nice lady named Joyce.” “Joyce became a major funder and supporter of our cause. She would show up at our gatherings and was a truly great person.”

“She adored that cat,” Oza continued. “I got a few of images from her Facebook page… with small captions stating, ‘The love of my life,’” says the author.

But tragedy struck again three weeks ago.


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