Sister Kittens Stayed To Each Other After Being Rescued And Were No Longer Separated

Animal rights activists from Chatons Orphelins Montréal (Montreal, Canada) made a desperate plea to two kittens in need.

“At first, there were three kittens, but unfortunately, one died.

The tabby girls, who were about seven weeks old at the time, were flea-infested and not totally weaned. They did not split at all and cuddled close, showing signs of stress following the death of a brother. Mary and Steph, two volunteers, promptly rescued them.

From the very beginning, it was clear that the kittens should not be separated. They clung to each other and kept their eyes on each other.

Kittens Zelda and Safira (beige) rubbed against each other, one sister tried to do everything exactly the same as the other. “They are similar in character and do everything together,” says Celine.

They were treated for minor eye irritation and stomach problems before being subjected to overexposure.

Volunteers who have been overexposed The kittens were welcomed into Mary-Lynn and Pat’s home. The sisters rapidly gained their independence and began analyzing the situation as a couple.

The guardians switched the kittens to adult food and proceeded to treat them like household cats, lavishing them with love and attention.

The sisters quickly became attached to their friendly people and began to play pranks around the house like a small gang.

Whatever they do, they do it as a duo. Together with pleasure, they stare out the window, looking for small animals on the street, and simply contemplate what is happening during the day. They adore their guardians and still ask for their caresses as a couple.

Credit: Chatons Orphelins Montreal

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