A Man Who Had Newer Been A Cat Person Game To Adopt A puppy But He Endet Up Being The Kitten s CHosen One

I was on a training mission in Virginia. There was a significant amount of snowfall at the time. “I was driving home one day when I heard on the radio that a shelter called the Richmond Animal League was searching for seasonal or permanent homes for their animals because most of the employees had been temporarily neutralized due to precipitation,” explains the future owner of a tortoiseshell kitten.

The man was lonely and came up with the notion of adopting a four-legged friend. He chose to go to the shelter and care for a stray dog. However, by the time he arrived, all of the dogs had been separated.

“The news was wonderful, but I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving the place empty-handed.”

One of the furry pupils named Marble was hiding in a corner. The woman asked the guest to come closer and take the kitten in her arms.

“I opened the cage, took the kitten, and then it started. She meowed as plaintively as possible and also squeaked and howled. But suddenly she buried her muzzle in the visor of my cap (this moment is captured in the title picture) and burst into a loud purr, ”recalls the man.

I’ve never been fond of cats and never wanted to get one. Until now, that is. So I agreed, placed her back in the cage for a few minutes to finish the paperwork, and was ready to take her home in a few minutes.”

“The shelter didn’t have any puppies, but they did find my greatest feline companion.” I had never considered myself a cat person before, but it appears that I now am.

He gave the kitten a new name – Barbara.

Credit: Richmond Animal League

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