A Kitty With A Twisted Neck Found The Mistress Of His Dreams

An injured red infant was found on the street in Massachusetts and taken to a veterinary clinic. The kitten had a wound on its back and did not straighten its neck after being mauled by another animal.

Despite surviving all of these ordeals, the kitten maintained his bravery and craved companionship. To recover, he required extra attention. The creator of the Odd Cat Sanctuary, Tara Kay, offered to pick him up. “We have a lot of expertise with cases involving head trauma.” “At four weeks old, he weighed only 225 grams,” Tara says.

Considering everything that had transpired, Murphy, the kitten, seemed to be in good spirits. He was sociable and in search of love, and anytime he was picked up, he began to purr loudly.

“His head is always inclined, yet his eyes are clear and his vision appears to be normal.”

Tara started feeding him with a syringe on a regular basis, and she even carried him to work at night. The kitten was given all of the love and attention he need, and then some.

Murphy, despite his little size, had a tremendous resolve to survive. He began to manifest himself as a person after achieving balance.

“He is intelligent and has a beautiful personality. Tara adds, “He purrs all the time and wants to be picked up and hugged.”

The kitten revealed his mischief, became inquisitive and playful like never before. He has a heroic appetite, as a result of which he grows by leaps and bounds.

Perhaps a slight tilt of the head will remain with him for the rest of his life, but this will not prevent him from doing everything the same as any other cat and loving life.

Credit: The Odd Cat Sanctuary

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