Two Three Legged Polydactyl Kittens Form A Close Relationship While Experts Question Their Odds Of Survival

Marie Simard, the founder of One cat at a time (kitten rescues in Quebec, Canada), got a plea a few weeks ago to assist two little kittens in need.

“They were found in the backyard beneath the open sky by one lady. “She called me and showed me a photo of both kittens being born missing one leg,” Marie explains.

Mother cats were nowhere to be seen when scouring the area. The kittens were dehydrated and unable to eat themselves, and their paws need to be examined right once.

At the age of one and a half weeks, the brother and sister had already been through a lot and were fighting infections. The vet doubted they would survive. But, despite the gloomy forecasts, Marie and every animal advocate were determined to give the kittens a chance to compete.

The black and white Sake boy was especially weak. His sister Sakura (striped) clung to him so, as if comforting and supporting. “From the very beginning, there was a very special connection between them, and they always hugged,” says Marie.

Antibiotics were given to the kittens, and they were fed every three hours around the clock. “Their caretakers were required to use hydrotherapy. They took great care to keep the kittens’ wounds clean at all times, and it paid off.”

The brother and sister brightened up, developed an appetite, and gained weight and physical strength as a result of skilled treatment.

“Recently, they were re-examined by the veterinarian – the wounds seem to be healing,” says Marie.

Both kittens have extra toes as well as prominent toes on their paws, making them polydactyl. Recovering from infectious diseases, Sake and Sakura became more active and turned into real plump.

They like to sleep with their paws wrapped around each other. They start seeking for each other if they lose sight of each other.

Thanks to the quick work of the rescuers and the commitment of the guardians, the children triumphed over all obstacles and survived. From the beginning, brother and sister have been the strongest supporters for one other.

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