The Guy Arrived To Spend Time With The Kittens As A Volunteer But They Encircled Him With An Unanticipated Purpose

A sweet kitty family arrived at Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary in Green Bay, Wisconsin, in need of a new home.

They were relieved to find themselves in a secure environment where several volunteers looked after all of their needs.

As the kittens grew older, their personalities emerged. They learned out that knees were for sleeping and that there was no such thing as personal space in the blink of an eye.

Many volunteers visited the reserve in order to interact with the kittens. They took care of them, played with them, and just kept them company.

One of the kittens turned out to be a fearless, curious, and daring individual.

Corey came to the reserve last month to spend time with the local pupils.

As soon as he lay down on the sofa, a fluffy tabby kitten jumped on the man and decided to climb onto his shoulder.

Corey gladly accepted this alignment and did not move, even when the kitten sat on his head.

Once in position, the kitten glanced around the room and settled comfortably on Corey’s cap.

The striped fluffy then slid across his face and then onto his chest by accident.

Because kittens have no private area, the rest decided to join in the fun as well.

Corey was startled to discover six kittens clinging to him from head to toe.

He was already covered in delicious lumps and drowning in their purring in less than a minute.

Carey from Safe Haven was horrified by what she discovered towards the end of the day after Corey had departed.

She noticed the kittens examining someone’s misplaced wallet. They took it from Corey’s pocket when he was hugging with them, according to reports.

“These men have no regard for personal space.” As a result, they also took his wallet. Employees claim Carey caught them red-handed after he departed.

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