Meet The Coon Cat From Maine Who Is So Large That Many Mistake Him For A Dog

Yuliya Minina of Stary Oskol, Russia, is the proud owner of this massive Maine Coon cat. He’s a year and nine months old and already weights 27 pounds.

Maine Coons don’t stop growing until they’re around three years old, so Kefir still has a ways to go!

Yulia spotted Kefir at a cattery and fell in love with his beautiful white fur.

She chose the name Kefir because it means dairy drink and she feels describes his coat purr-fectly.

Kefir refused to eat dry cat food as soon as they got home, so she only gives him meat and natural feed.

She enjoys having this large cat in her life but says one of the drawbacks is the amount of fur he sheds throughout the home. But he’s actually become a member of the family, and he’ll frequently join them at the dinner table.

“It’s funny how others react when they see the cat because it is huge. Many people think that it’s a dog at first.”

Kefir has acquired a tendency of jumping on Yuliya when she sleeps, according to Yuliya.

“He didn’t do that when he was younger, and it wouldn’t have been as troublesome, but the cat has grown to be rather large and hefty.” It’s not easy to sleep in that position.”

“However, this is a super-smart cat in general.” It has an odd ability to sense the prevailing atmosphere in the house. Kefir does not meow, shout, or cause damage to the furniture. “A cat that is simply perfect.”

We think that Kefir is a beautiful kitty and hope that you feel the same.

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