Kittens Were Discovered In A Waste Bag By Rescuers Who Returned To Look For Their Mother

Brenda Ortiz, a Los Angeles-based animal rights activist, got a report of a family of cats that had been abandoned in the South Central neighborhood.

A compassionate neighborhood homeowner heard meowing and discovered four kittens in a garbage bag in an alley. “She brought them inside, fed them, and gave them water.” “They were malnourished and thirsty,” Brenda recalls.

Brenda raised a ruckus among animal rights campaigners. Saving One Life – San Diego, an organization of volunteers who oppose animal euthanasia, jumped at the chance to take the kittens in.

“Everything is packed with us, like all colleagues in the kitten season. However, when we saw the footage, we knew we had to do something,” says Brianne Youngberg, California director of Saving One Life. “Several volunteers offered to follow them to another area.”

The kittens have been medically examined, given plenty of food and a warm, cozy place to relax. They were dehydrated, two of them were very malnourished and needed extra care around the clock.

All four kittens (Vera, Lyubov, Nadezhda, and Dushenka) recovered confidently over the following several days, gaining weight and vigor.

Rescuers did not give up their search for the mother cat. They quickly phoned the local shelter after learning that she, along with the remaining kittens, had been caught by the trapping service. Two of the kittens did not survive, but the cat and her last child were saved.

“The surviving kitten, rescued with her mother, turned out to be a boy, and he was named Miracle. Mom was named Fortuna.

Yesterday, the mother-son duo arrived for overexposure. When they were brought into the “nursery”, the other four quickly smelled their native smell.

They approached their mother and dashed to the milk stand as a group. Fortune immediately recognized her children and proceeded to care for them. She was relieved that they had returned to her.

“It’s wonderful to see them together again!” “Everyone is overjoyed that the kittens have reclaimed their mother and brother,” the rescuers add.

“In order to stand securely on their paws, they will all require more attention and care.” They can, however, be adopted as soon as they recuperate.”

With the return of Fortune, the kittens blossomed. There is nothing better than a mother’s love.

“We are very happy that everything turned out this way. A lot of caring people had a hand in this.”

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