The Kitty Is Overjoyed After All They Came To His Rescue Just In Time And Now He Has Someone To Snuggle

A black and white kitten was found on the streets, alone and without a mother, at the end of October. He didn’t appear to be in good health, with a runny nose and a bad infection of the eyes that prevented him from opening them.

The kitten struggled to breathe and couldn’t see anything. A kind stranger took him in and brought him to the shelter, but they couldn’t assist him because there weren’t any resources.

To save the kid, the shelter enlisted the help of local animal rights activists Chatons Orphelins Montréal (Montreal, Canada).

“He was too small and very weak. We took him away as soon as we found out,” says animal activist Celine Krom.

The kitten was named Binks and was rushed to the vet. The little one began to perk up when he was finally able to inhale through his nose and regained his sight for the first time in some time.

Celine says, “When his eyes and nose cleared, he jumped for a dish of food.”

He curled himself in the arms of one of the individuals, obviously indicating that he was prone to caress, and turned on his low purring motor.

Jess, a foster care volunteer, temporarily adopted him and placed him in her warm house so that he could continue his therapy in comfort and affection.

Binks felt well fast, in just a few days, thanks to the medications and the foster mother’s frequent embraces in the company of neighborhood cats.

A beautiful kitty cuddled up on his “mother’s” lap every day, as if this were his bed. Even now, whenever Jess sits down, Binks dashes over and leaps to her knees.

The kitty recovered with confidence, remembering to eat carefully. He became exceedingly restless and lively.


He adores people and is always trying to get their attention.

Binks is a hugger who expects hugs from everyone he encounters.


“The baby feels great and often chats to express his feelings or to tell the person how his day went,” Celine adds.

“He wants to spend all his time around people.”

“It’s hard to believe that this is the same kitten that came to us a few weeks ago and barely moved,” says Celine.

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