In 2.5 Ponths I Was Able To Transform A Street Toss Into A Beautiful Kitty

Kind individuals sitting at home two and a half months ago heard what sounded like a cat whimpering outdoors and went outside to investigate. A lone cat the size of a finger was lying on the street, much to their surprise.

They waited all night for the mother cat to return with her baby, but she never did. The black-and-white infant was only a day old at the time, and he didn’t have access to ordinary feeding… People requested assistance, and Caroline Grace, a foster volunteer with Saving One Life, stepped in to help.

“He was extremely little and chilly when I took him up, but he had a mischievous and fiery attitude from the start,” Caroline explains.

Caroline gave this miracle the name Theodore. He struggled with nutrition at first, not being able to drink formula milk. Caroline resurrected the small organism by feeding him through a tube every couple of hours.

The next day, Theo regained his strength and firmly grasped the nipple, chewing it till it cracked behind his ears. He yelled at his adoptive mother and always believed that meal delivery could be done more quickly.

“He started yelling at me as soon as I opened the incubator door, and so on until I filled his mouth with a bottle,” Caroline shares. “He quickly became the strongest and most insatiable little kitten that I saw, and this at a measly 87 grams of weight.”

At the age of three days, Theo learned to purr and did so whenever he was touched. While still the size of a newborn, he already showed tremendous struggle and always craved love.

“Every time I took him up, he started purring right away. And it’s occurring again now that he’s two and a half months old! Caroline adds, “He purrs when you touch him, loves to be lifted up, and he could nuzzle you in the crook of your neck with a loud purr.”

Even before his eyes opened, Theo was quite active. He moved about the incubator after each feeding, forming limbs in preparation for the next nap.

It’s amazing what a strong mur-motor is built into such a crumb! After feeding, the kitten demanded to be rocked and cradled like a child, and in gratitude he purred like a tractor.

“Each kitten develops a little differently, and sometimes there are kittens like Theo who, for a number of reasons, slow down before a certain boundary. He’s just a special boy and a late bloomer.”

Video: Theo’s purr loves to have his tummy stroked


Moved to a superior room with a spacious playpen, he plunged into research, ran around his new possessions and examined every centimeter.

Becoming more playful and inquisitive, Theo also grew up and learned to better control his body. He was indescribably delighted when he first saw the tunnel – he ran through it as fast as he could, and rolled it, jumping onto the walls.

“Theo has an evident enthusiasm for life. He enjoys chasing toys, racing through the tunnel, and scaling the cat’s climbing structure. “However, he enjoys hugging and being around people the most,” Caroline explains.

“When you return home, he’s the first one to greet you at the door. He leaps into your arms and kisses you on the nose right now.

Black and white kitten wants to be always in the spotlight. He crawls on the arms or balances on a person’s shoulder like a parrot, and all this to the loud accompaniment of his purr.

At foster care, Theo befriended other adoptees, shared cat secrets with them, and joined forces to destroy the house together.

“He’s the goofiest, kindest, most loving person I’ve ever met, and his tuxedo has a barely discernible stripe… “He’s a special kid who will make his future owners happy and provide them with limitless entertainment,” Caroline says.

Because nothing can substitute intimate human connection, a delighted young cat leaps from a warm bed like a bullet to get into a person’s lap. His purr is unmistakable, and he has the nicest personality on the planet.

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