After Weeks Of Waiting Three United Kittens Get Their Wish

A homeless, emaciated kitten crept into a family’s yard in the hopes of finding food. The owner of the residence gave her some food, but the kitty returned every day to ask for more.

The man began to notice that her little tummy was increasing, not because of the food, but because she was pregnant, as he saw her every day.

The good-hearted man made the decision to request help. Animal rescuers Stef and Johanne from Montreal, Canada, wanted to help.

They realized that the cat was at the end of her pregnancy, and they wanted to do everything possible to get the mother-to-be to safety.

After taking her to the vet, they took her home so she would have a quiet, comfortable place to have her babies. When she arrived at her foster home, the sweet cat ate her hunger pangs and then snuggled into her new comfortable bed.

Stef and Johanne took turns caring for her as they prepared her for labor, and several days later, the cat finally gave birth to her babies. It was a very difficult birth for the new mother, but thanks to her caregivers who were attentive to her; she was able to have three healthy little ones.

The three male kittens, named: Leelo, Elijah and Jasper; since then they joined and huddled past in a pile of purrs. They seemed to be very happy to be together, and were always hugging each other to give each other lots of love and protection.

Until they were weaned and mature enough to explore the entire property on their own, sweet mother took such wonderful care of them. When the three tiny ones went out, they stayed together and even tried to imitate each other when they played and battled.

The boys always wanted to be near, and if they had to be apart for whatever reason, they would start wailing and begging to be reunited. Their guardians decided to contact Chatons Orphelins Montréal, a local rescue organization, for help with whatever the young family need.

The main objective of the rescue center was that the little family could be examined, spayed, neutered and that they could find good forever homes. The sweet mom was ready to retire from motherhood and she was soon able to get a forever home.

For their part, the three little ones were taken to the home of Marielyne, a foster volunteer from the rescue center so that they would have special care. Once there, the kittens quickly adapted to their new home, and soon they were exploring the entire place together and claiming the cat tree as their own.

Celine expressed herself as follows:

“The brothers have an unbreakable relationship.” They are really close and carry out all of their activities together. Leelo is the quietest of the three, although he and his siblings rush from one end of the home to the other. When he’s not playing with his siblings, Jasper is very friendly and purrs loudly, and he enjoys talking to humans. Elijah is a charmer who always wants to be near his brothers ».

During the day, the tiny ones romp around the house, and at night, they snuggle close to their humans. They have distinct personalities, yet they work well together.

When it came time to find them homes, the volunteers hoped they could be adopted together. After waiting for many days, Leelo, Elijah and Jasper were finally able to fulfill their dream of being adopted by a loving family.

Best of all, this family learned about their history and fell in love with the three little ones, so they decided to adopt them together and never separate them.

Celine said:

“These kittens were very lucky. Their mother was rescued just in time for them to be born in a safe home.”

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