Every Day A 17-Year-Old Siamese Cat Visits Her Favorite Woman

Cheryl has a unique neighbor who pays her daily visits. A 17-year-old Siamese cat lives next door. Cheryl would give the cat cuddles when she walked out and greeted her. The senior cat gradually grew fond of the woman and began to show her attention. She would turn over on the street to get her tummy rubbed whenever she spotted her favorite woman.

When Cheryl went into lockdown, the cat started coming to visit her on and off. She would cry outside the doors and beg Cheryl to let her in. Because she is just so soft and cuddly, Cheryl called her Squishy. The cat would stay with her family all day and would follow her wherever she went.

Cheryl had a special auntie whom she adored. Unfortunately, she grew sick and died. Cheryl was having a hard time getting over the loss, but Squish just got more cuddly all of a sudden.

Squish never leaves her aunt’s side when she passes away. She comes to work every day. The cat approaches her and rubs up against her, giving her hugs. Cheryl senses her auntie’s presence.

“I can’t put it into words, but it really is, it’s overwhelming what she gives to me,” Cheryl said.

Special thanks to Cheryl for sharing the story with us. You can follow Squishy on her Instagram to update her visits.

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