Missing Dog Found At Park With Old Man: ‘He Knew Where He Was Needed’

A heartfelt video of a dog found interacting with an elderly local in the neighborhood went viral on TikTok, where it has gathered a million views as of this writing.

I could not find my canine at the park, but this is where I found him teary-eyed emoji, according to the TikTok footage shared by @blue. loyalaf.

In the video, an old guy is seen sitting on a park bench, stroking and petting a dog that is seated at his feet.

The video was shared with a caption that claimed: “Blue the dog constantly locates people who require a little additional love #dog #puppy #rescue #puppylove #adopt #mutt.”

The latest video has actually melted the hearts of several TikTok users.

In a comment that obtained 4,025 likes, Suki the Kyoshi warrior wrote: “They always know how to find the right people.”

In a comment that got over 780 likes, Katrina De Vries923 said: “He recognized where he was needed. the man needed some puppy time.” Beth M agreed, claiming: “He know that man needed love today.”

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